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Can you benefit from our Trust Services?

Can you benefit from our Trust Services?

If the answer to any of these questions is "yes," we can help!

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Can our Trust Services department help you?
Think about these questions:

  1. Do you have children or other family members that you are or could possibly be responsible for?
  2. Have there been any major changes in your life and/or in the lives of your family?
  3. Do you know when you’re going to pass away? Have you planned accordingly?
  4. Do you have a Will?
  5. Have you updated your Will in the last 5 years or since any major changes have occurred?
  6. Do you know what a Trust is?
  7. Do you know that Trusts are incredibly flexible and can provide an endless amount of tailoring to fit you and your needs?
  8. Do you know what a corporate fiduciary is and why it could be important to you?

Agencies, Financial Guardianships, & Estates questions to consider:

  1. Do you own a business with regular income, expenses, and payroll?
  2. Do you have funds and need professional management and recordkeeping?
  3. Do you know a minor or someone with special needs who could use professional financial management?
  4. Have you been named in a Will as the executor or personal representative? Do you know what that entails?
  5. Have you been named as the trustee or successor trustee in a Trust document? Do you know what that entails?
  6. Do you want to relax and have someone handle your financial affairs while you enjoy more of your time?

To get started or ask questions, please contact our Trust Department team today. We are happy to help!