Security Federal Savings Bank

Purchase a mortgage with Security Federal

If you’re ready to start looking at homes, make sure to secure your financing first! We've helped thousands of people like you buy the home of their dreams. Loan types offered are conventional mortgages, VA loans, FHA Loans with low down payments, USDA Rural Housing loans, In-House Portfolio loans, and Construction Loans to build your new home or major remodel

Why should you choose Security Federal for your mortgage needs? 

  • Quick prequalification 
  • We make local decisions 
  • Getting a mortgage with a community bank like us helps keep money in your community 
  • 10% of what you spend with us goes back to supporting the community you live in and love 
  • Variety of repayment terms available 
  • Multiple loan-to-value options 

Ready to get started? 

You can get prequalified for a mortgage loan in as little as 20 minutes. We'll talk about your income, debts, and you'll be issued a prequalification letter which shows the dollar amount you're approved to borrow for a mortgage. Getting a prequal letter helps put you at the front of the line if you decide to submit an offer on a home - the realtor and person selling the home will know you've already secured financing which makes you a great candidate to them! This process does include pulling your credit score for the most accurate picture.

I want to get prequalified now 

What to bring to a prequalification meeting:

  • 1 month of paystubs
  • 2 months of bank statements
  • 2 years of income taxes and W2s or 1099s
  • Driver's license or state ID
  • Social Security statement if applicable
  • Current retirement statement if applicable
  • Bankruptcy documents if applicable 

If you prefer to find out a general amount you can borrow without it impacting your credit score, we can talk through your financial picture together to determine about how much you can afford. This will not hit your credit score, but it also does not provide you with a prequal letter that most realtors need to know you're mortgage-ready. 

I want to meet the lenders