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Security Federal Savings Bank

Direct Deposit

They say time is money, and we agree. The fastest way to get your paycheck into your bank account is by setting up direct deposit.

Direct Deposit is the electronic process of credits being made directly to your bank checking or savings account. No more paper checks to drop off at the bank and no having to remotely deposit your check using your smartphone.


  • Funds may show in your account before your payday
  • No paper check to get lost (by you or by USPS!)
  • You don’t have to wait to receive your check and then find time to go to the bank to deposit it.*

*If you find that your employer does not offer direct deposit, ask us how to deposit your check using our mobile app on your cellphone or click here for more details!

How it works:

  • Use our Direct Deposit form to give your employer your info. Some employers require their own form be filled out instead of our form, so check with them to see which form to use.
  • Submit the form to your employer who will process your direct deposit.
  • After 1-2 pay cycles you will see your funds directly deposited into your account.

Note: Unfortunately, some employers and other entitites do not offer direct deposit.

Email to get a copy of the Security Federal form.

Payroll, Social Security, pension, and Christmas club checks may all be deposited into a savings or checking account. A voided check may be required if the money is being deposited into a checking account.

Do you have questions about Direct Deposit? Please call, stop in, or send us a message. We’re happy to help!