Security Federal Savings Bank

A Guide to Trust Department Services

Welcome to Security Federal Savings Bank and our Trust Department.


In 1998, the president of Security Federal Savings Bank, Richard W. Cassidy Jr., saw a need in our communities. That need was for local trust services. Security Federal filed an application for trust powers, which would allow Security Federal to act in certain positions on behalf of our customers, whether they are individuals or entities such as a trust or business. That application was approved and Security Federal Savings Bank opened the doors to our Trust Department in that same year.

The many services that are offered by Security Federal and our Trust Department deal with a range of personal, business, and financial matters that individuals of all ages and situations should really know about and understand how they may play into their daily lives and future planning.

Our goal is to work with individuals and companies in order to educate our communities on what services we provide and how they can bring value and peace of mind to you and your family.

Our Trust Department is available in all of our branches in Logansport, Kokomo, Delphi, Lafayette, and West Lafayette.

Above all, please feel free to call or stop in anytime!

*Trust services are not FDIC insured.