Lafayette, West Lafayette, and all Kokomo ATMs are fully operational. Logansport Main ATM is dispensing cash and deposits delayed. Delphi and Logansport Mall ATM can only dispense cash. 

AllPoint ATMs are available for free. Please visit ALLPOINT for locations. We appreciate your patience as we work diligently to fix this issue. 

We apologize for the inconvenience and will update this alert once we have updates on Delphi, Logansport Main and Mall. 

IntraFi is Good for the Community

IntraFi Network Deposits is good for the community

Many individuals and organizations seek to support businesses that align with their values; this strategy is becoming more popular — and more important — every day. But is there something you can do that doesn’t involve spending? Yes! Simply set up a bank account with Security Federal.

Depositing money in your local Security Federal branch can increase the amount of money that we can use to support the local economy - we can use it to make loans to local businesses and individuals. We proudly give back 10% of our annual earnings to nonprofits and organizations in our communities, and when you bank with us, you give back. 

You can help make underserved communities stronger, healthier, and more vibrant through your support of values-based institutions like ours. We base success not just by economic gains, but also by the contributions, financial and otherwise, that we can make in our communties. 

Help us make a major, positive impact on our Central Indiana communities simply by banking with us. 

When you have deposits at a single bank in a single ownership capacity, then you have access up to $250,000 in FDIC insurance at that bank. By using IntraFi Network Deposits, you can access multi-million-dollar FDIC protection through a single bank relationship.

I'd like to talk to someone about an IntraFi Network Deposits account. 

Placement of funds through the ICS or CDARS service is subject to the terms, conditions, and disclosures in the service agreements, including the Deposit Placement Agreement (“DPA”). Limits apply and customer eligibility criteria may apply. In the ICS savings option, program withdrawals are limited to six per month. Although funds are placed at destination banks in amounts that do not exceed the FDIC standard maximum deposit insurance amount (“SMDIA”), a depositor’s balances at the relationship institution that places the funds may exceed the SMDIA (e.g., before ICS or CDARS settlement for a deposit or after ICS or CDARS settlement for a withdrawal) or be ineligible for FDIC insurance if the relationship institution is not a bank). As stated in the DPA, the depositor is responsible for making any necessary arrangements to protect such balances consistent with applicable law. If the depositor is subject to restrictions on placement of its funds, the depositor is responsible for determining whether its use of ICS or CDARS satisfies those restrictions. ICS, Insured Cash Sweep, and CDARS are registered service marks of Promontory Interfinancial Network, LLC.