Security Federal Savings Bank

Wealth & Insurance

By taking an active approach to planning for your financial future, you’ll find peace of mind. When you partner with us for your Trust, Investment, or Insurance needs, you can rest easy knowing you have an expert financial partner helping you work toward your financial goals.

Trust Services

Is your family protected, should something happen to you? With our Trust Services, you have expert partners in Guardianships, Agencies, Trusts, and Estates. You don’t need to have large amounts of money to work with our Trust team. Don’t let our name fool you - our customers find we offer much more than just Trust Services.

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Investment Services

What lifestyle do you picture for yourself during retirement? Maybe you have dreams to open a business during retirement, or perhaps you’d like a quiet life in a smaller home.Our financial advisor can help you invest your wealth and can help you create a savings plan for retirement.We want to learn more about your personal situation, identify your dreams and goals, and understand your tolerance for risk.

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Insurance Services

If you drive a car, own or rent a home, or have a business, you have insurance (we hope!). On average, customers save $646 a year when they switch with us. With Security Federal Insurance Services, you have options for your personal and business insurance needs.

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