Lights, Camera, Save! Video Contest for Teens

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How would you like to win $5,000?

Each year, Security Federal Savings Bank participates in the ABA Foundation's Lights, Camera, Save! video contest for teens. Our 2018-2019 winner was named the grand prize winner and won the $5,000 cash prize! Our 2017-2018 winner placed in the country's top 5 videos and won $125 from Security Federal. You would be our next winner! 

 What is this contest and what's the goal?

This contest is all about getting teenagers to really think about their financial future. Since videos must be about saving money or spending money wisely, it gets you to really think about money in a strategic way. Security Federal encourages people of all ages to make their finances a priority, and this contest is just another way we aim to help them do that. 

How do I get involved?

If you're between 13-18, you can create your own original video to submit. Create a video that shows the value of sound money management in a way that will appeal to other teens. Script, record, then submit your video to Security Federal Savings Bank. Submissions are accepted from October 1st - December 3rd. Not eligible to enter? You can get involved by sharing this opportunity with teens. Spread the word with teens who you think might be interested.

How do I submit my entry?

Fill out the entry packet and drop it off at any of our branch locations for your submission to be eligible. Most important - include your video URL so we can view it! The video can be up to 90 seconds and must be your own original work. You could win cash prizes, including $5,000 at the national round!

Student Submission Packet

Remember, your video should be entertaining and creative. Most of all, have fun! Official Rules 

What do I win?

Security Federal gives CASH PRIZES to the top three video submissions. First place wins $100, second place wins $75, and third place wins $50.  
If you are our top placing entrant, you go on to the national round where you can win up to $5,000. Not too bad for a 90-second video!
Also, if you win the national round, a teacher from  your school will earn a $500 scholarship for the Jump$tart educator conference. 

Student Flyer

School Administrator Flyer

Official Rules

Questions? Email our marketing director.